Academic Trainers was founded 15 years ago by Mary Heffernan, a local Menlo Park native who attended St Raymond Elementary and Sacred Heart Schools. She graduated from The College of William & Mary with a degree in Biological Psychology with intent to attend Medical School - but as she was taking the MCAT and tutoring local students in Menlo Park, she saw the need for a first class tutoring center to serve the area.  

The center was so successful that Mary changed plans and pursued small business over the medical field.  She has since created and operated 10 other family based successful businesses in the area, before she and her husband and their four young daughters sold most of the businesses and moved to a working cattle ranch to pursue their dreams to raise all natural beef, pork and lamb to ship directly to their customers from their ranch, Five Marys Farms.

Academic Trainers continues to operate successfully year round in downtown Menlo Park. Our first rate team of tutors and staff strive to inspire local students to excel in their studies. We are dedicated to personal attention and welcome each student into the Academic Trainers family - something you won't find at any other place!