The Moos Family (Bob, Victoria, Reuben, and Jessie)



Academic Trainers (AT) was founded 15 years ago by Mary Heffernan, a local Menlo Park native who attended St. Raymond Elementary and Sacred Heart Schools. She graduated from The College of William & Mary with a degree in Biological Psychology. As she was taking the MCAT and tutoring local students in Menlo Park, she saw the need for a first class tutoring center to serve the area. The center was so successful that Mary changed plans and pursued the business field over the medical field. She created and operated Academic Trainers along with 10 other successful businesses in the area. Now, she and her husband have sold their local businesses and moved to a working cattle ranch to pursue their dreams to raise and sell all-natural meat products.

Victoria and Bob (pictured) are thrilled to be the new owners at Academic Trainers! They are no strangers to education and the various requirements and demands of the ever-evolving academic pressures. Their individual, diverse experiences, with varied learning styles and neuro-diverse students, give them a great platform to provide even more for the AT tutors and their pupils!

Bob began teaching 20 years ago in the East Bay with his first certification in the Slingerland method. A few years later, he was hired at the Hope Technology School. As a first and seventh grade teacher, he has extensive experience with both typical students and students with learning differences. He has continued to add to his knowledge by training for the 2nd level of the Slingerland certification program. Bob has developed excellent teaching skills to create and nurture an inclusive classroom, and he's also very strong in the social-emotional realm of helping students. He enjoys helping all kids learn, but has seen great benefit to his teaching with those kids that have dyslexia and other types of language-based learning difficulties.

Victoria's 20 years of experience in education include lead classroom teaching (first through eighth grade) at New Vistas Christian School, Hope Technology School, and the Charles Armstrong School (CAS) with Dr. Rosalie Whitlock. Since leaving CAS, Victoria started a few home school/independent study programs, trained teachers, parents and parent support groups, and has had a private tutoring practice (17 years) where she teaches cognitive organization and advancement skills, brain-body connection, and strategic learning approaches for typical and neuro-diverse children. She attends IEP and district meetings as needed, and she interprets and makes recommendations from IEP/Psych Ed reports to offer targeted support for students' individual needs. She also provides educational consulting with strategic learning implementations and adaptations. To best support parents through this journey, she writes weekly progress reports for each student. Currently, alongside Academic Trainers, Victoria owns and consults from her first company, XML, Experience the Magic of Learning. She's thrilled to add her experience, knowledge, and skills to the AT team via trainings throughout the year to provide an even stronger support for the AT students!

Academic Trainers operates year round in downtown Menlo Park. Our expert team of tutors and directors is committed to inspiring local K-12 students to excel in their studies. We are dedicated to providing personalized attention, and we welcome each student into the Academic Trainers family. It's something you won't find at any other place!