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To get the most out of their tutoring sessions, we recommend that students practice their skills outside of Academic Trainers for at least 15 - 20 minutes per day if possible.

In addition our test prep books and vocabulary flashcards, we recommend the following resources:

Vocabulary Resources:

  •  - Search for "Official Academic Trainers" to find the Official Academic Trainers Vocabulary and Root Words lists.
  • - Great for daily vocab practice!
  • Worldly Wise - Learn vocabulary by reading words in-context.

Reading Resources:

  • This site offers age-appropriate news articles with scalable wordcounts and mini quizzes to test reading comprehension.
  • Suggested Reading List (Lower Level ISEE) -  Download PDF
  • Suggested Reading List (Upper Level ISEE) -  Download PDF

Math Resources:

  • - Create a free account to practice math in a fun and engaging way.
  • - Select your grade level and receive 20 questions free per day.

Additional Test Prep Resources: