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 About Us

Academic Trainers (A.T.) is a community-based, educational, family-owned company, founded 15 years ago. Our new, athletic-themed website and message send our vision of commitment, training, hard work, and teamwork.  Welcome, we are Academic Trainers!

A.T. operates year-round in downtown Menlo Park. Our team of trainers is committed to our students (and some college) to train to excel! We are dedicated to providing personalized attention and training, and we welcome each student into the Academic Trainers family. It's something you won't find at any other place!

Our tutors have a strong knowledge of tutoring their subject, build a connection with students and communicate well with parents. They help students to build their confidence in school and teach them strategies beyond the subject. Hence, our tutors focus on the training and coaching aspect, which is why we call them our Trainers.  Our front desk team members are dynamic! Handling scheduling, communications, supporting parents, students, tutors- all while managing the administrative work! We are so lucky to have such an amazing team! Go Team A.T.!

 About Victoria and Bob


Victoria and Bob Moos (pictured above) are thrilled to be the new owners at Academic Trainers (June 2018)! They are no strangers to education and the various requirements and demands of the ever-evolving academic and student needs.   Their 20 plus years in education gives them a great platform to provide even more for A.T. trainers, front desk, students, parents, and other educators!

Victoria's experience includes classroom teaching (first through eighth grade), which included the Charles Armstrong School with Dr. Rosalie Whitlock (she is currently at the C.H.C.). She then started two home schools.  During this time she traveled locally to train teachers and parents/ parent support groups. She’s had a private tutoring practice (18 years, XML) where she teaches cognitive organization and advancement skills, brain-body connection, and strategic learning approaches for typical and neuro-diverse children. Her trainings include: the Slingerland Method, Bal-A-Vis-X, Brain Gym, Language!, History Alive!, Making Math Real, and a few more (not so famous methods). Neuro-typical children thrive under these integrated trainings, and LD learners such as dyslexics, ADD/ADHD children, finally start to make strides- huge strides!  She has consulted, attending IEP’s and district meetings as needed.  She interprets and makes recommendations from IEP/Psych Ed reports to offer targeted support for students' individual needs. Currently, alongside Academic Trainers, Victoria owns and consults from her first company, XML, Experience the Magic of Learning. She's thrilled to add her experience, knowledge, and skills to the A.T. team through guidance to provide an even stronger support for the A.T. students! She also encourages this team-teaching with her trainers.  To contact Victoria for private lessons and consultations, please contact her through her XML company:

Bob has taught grades 1st through 8th, with over 15 years in the 1st grade.  He’s taught and tutored neuro-typical and special needs children throughout these years.  His certifications and trainings in the Slingerland Method, Writing Without Tears, Bal-A-Vis-X, and History Alive!, have allowed him to teach children who may be struggling readers, writers, handwriters, comprehension and math abilities (from grades Kinder through 8th grade).  Neuro-typical children thrive under these integrated trainings, and LD learners such as dyslexics, ADD/ADHD children, finally start to make strides- huge strides!  He builds a strong connection with his students and has a great skill for helping younger students with their social-emotional challenges, along with their academic needs. 

A.T. was founded 15 years ago by Mary Heffernan, a local Menlo Park native. She did a fantastic job with A.T., and we have the upmost respect for her! She and her husband have sold their local businesses and moved to a working cattle ranch to pursue their dreams to raise and sell all-natural meat products. You can learn more, and make purchases from Mary at