Victoria Moos


Victoria's experience includes classroom teaching (first through eighth grade), which included the Charles Armstrong School with Dr. Rosalie Whitlock (currently the executive director at C.H.C.). She then started two homeschools.  During this time she traveled locally to train teachers and parents/ parent support groups. She has private tutoring practice (18 years, XML. Experience the Magic of Learning, Inc.) where she taught grades Kinder to Seniors implementing techniques that include cognitive organization and advancement skills, brain-body connection, and strategic learning approaches for typical and neuro-diverse children. While earning her California Teaching Credential, she also obtained trainings in the Slingerland Method, Bal-A-Vis-X, Brain Gym, Language!, History Alive!, Making Math Real, and a few more (not so famous methods).  Victoria will continue to do very part-time work with her first company while teaching various intensive small groups at Academic Trainers beginning late September to October.  She will also be consulting, teaching and training parents and educators on site during the year. 

Bob Moos


Bob’s experience includes lead classroom teaching from grades 1-8. He obtained certification in the highest Slingerland level training to help students Kinder through high school. He’s also received training in Writing Without Tears, History Alive! And Bal-A-Vis-X. His integrative approach helps neuro-typical and special needs children thrive. He’s tutored one-to-one throughout the years and is able to implement many strategies to best meet an individual learner’s needs. Due to his degree in Psychology, Bob was fascinated in the study of social-emotional and cooperative group efforts amongst students of all ages. He would often participate in and/or build classroom programs at his previous school he taught at (Hope Technology School) to help students learn how to collaborate/team together, communicate with precision, and learn how to advocate for what they need. Bob will be teaching various small intensive groups at Academic Trainers, consulting sessions and offering various parent and educator workshops.

Dr. Christine Losq


We are thrilled to have Dr. Christine Losq join our team! As a master mathematics instructor for grades TK through 6th, Dr. Losq has been invited by school districts to give demonstration lessons in classrooms and to lead trainings for credentialed teachers. She has authored a series of training manuals, based on intensive classroom research, and has written and published a California mathematics curriculum. She has also consulted for school districts, addressing the needs of both teachers and parents, to deepen their expertise in math methods and learning styles. We are so excited to have a respected community leader and educator join our team! At Academic Trainers, Dr. Losq will be offering parent and educator trainings, consultations, intensive small group instruction for younger students, and training tutors who have students needing more instruction for teaching mathematics in grades Kinder to 6th.