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We wanted to thank you for your great work with my son this year. Your fantastic way of "filling in the gaps" and a great rapport with Stephen really helped him go from a general understanding of math to excelling in the course. With your support and encouragement each week, Stephen went from a B in the class to scoring a 99 on the final exam and a 95 overall in the course. Thank you! I know he wants to continue working with you in the fall for AP Calculus AB. You play a big role in helping him get "all the material" at a deep level. 

P.S. I think you also helped Stephen just be overall more confident in math- he ended up scoring very high on the ACT this spring too. He scored a 34/35 on the math section- thank you!

My daughter has been attending Academic Trainers for a while now as part of the Pre-K early reading program. We have seen wonderful improvement in her recognition of letters, pronouncing the proper sounds and has even read her first words. The staff has been great with her and the other kids and we could not ask for a better learning environment for our little girl. We especially like the individualized attention she gets! Thank you Academic Trainers! -Andrew H.

Applying to private high schools can be a complicated and stressful process, especially when you add having to take multiple standardized exams. With a practice exam and one tutoring session, Academic Trainers identified the key areas my child needed to focus on to be prepared and confident. They really know their stuff - I highly recommend Academic Trainers. -Anonymous

Academic Trainers = Academic Excellence! As a former teacher, I thought I'd be the best support for my children's education.  However, when they weren't responding positively to my help with their homework, we went to AT. Not only did my children drastically improve their GPAs, but they are actually excited to do their homework if they can do it at AT.  If homework is straining your relationship with your kids, call AT! -Katherine D.

Academic Trainers has been absolutely fabulous for our family. After living in France for two years, our 7 and 9 year old children needed tutoring in Math and English (reading and writing) as they were considerably behind. Their academic confidence was waning which started to negatively affect their outlook toward school in general. After just four months 2/week, Laura and Rex had our kids at grade level in all subjects and actually at an advanced level in reading. AT dutifully sends a report after each session which is really helpful to us and we forward them on to the kids'  teachers who appreciate the feedback. The best part of their method, however, is that our kids love to go to Academic Trainers. Somehow, they make learning effortless and fun. We really are grateful to AT for their professionalism, support and results. -Amanda T.

Academic Trainers is a great resource for families. The tutors are incredibly qualified, the facility is fantastic, and the best part is that the kids get their work done in a short period of time and are always more prepared for tests and projects. It has been in Menlo Park for 10 years and we love that it is a locally owned small business so they really care about each customer. We love it! -Ann W

We enthusiastically thank Academic Trainers and our child's teacher, Alicia, for their guidance and outstanding teaching. Our child felt well-prepared for the ISEE exam, developed increasing confidence, and was pleased with the outcome. Most importantly, our child learned strategies, resources, and content that enabled deeper learning at school and advanced preparation for other exams as well. The system of practice tests, drills, timely feedback after sessions, a supportive environment, and personalized learning plans was essential for our child to achieve her goals.  Academic Trainers' responsiveness to questions and integration of suggestions reinforced the positive learning environment. Overall, we feel the Academic Trainers team successfully met our goals to empower students, develop a tool box of strategies, and reinforce deeper learning. -Anonymous

Academic Trainers has been fantastic for all three of my kids, grades 6, 9 and 11. They love their tutors and I appreciate the flexibility to change the times each week if needed. They actually ask me if they can go extra times when they have tests! -Anonymous